Schubert Music Publishing

A Lusitanian representa exclusivamente em Portugal os vários catálogos da Schubert Music Publishing:

Para além da representação pro-activa das obras dos catálogos da Schubert para sincronizações audio-visuais em Portugal, através de um acordo recíproco a Schubert é também representante dos catálogos e autores da Lusitanian em vários territórios.

About Schubert:

Established in year 2003 by Andreas Schubert, the company quickly became the largest independent music publisher in Central & Eastern Europe. Growing even further, on the base of our well trained and efficient administration team based in the central office in Warsaw, we cover today a significant part of Europe and US with affiliates in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, France, UK, US, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania.

We understand our role as a service provider to our partners and clients but do not limit our job to copyright registration, accounting and royalty-tracking only – although this is the back of any music publishing operation. Having an experienced understanding of day-to-day changing challenges in the music business, we are also committed to providing solutions for the benefit of our writers and professional partners as well as our clients in the media industry.

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