Passion’d Flower

Passion’d Flower is the musical creation of Skutch Shimoda, aka Sameer Gidwani. Throughout the 90s Skutch and friends (including Neil Leyton, Vince “Vaslav” Strnad, Devin Stoneham, Dan Cohen and others) recorded a series of sessions at Studio 92 in Toronto, recorded by Norm Barker.


The Legend:


Eden Falls:

The Conscience Pilate

Founded by Edward Pond and Neil Leyton in the mid-90s in Toronto, The Conscience Pilate were art-glam rockers entirely at odds with their cultural surroundings. Their debut album “Living in a Movie Scene” was critically acclaimed as the #1 Indie Record of the year in Canada in 1996, but the band disbanded a couple of years later. Pond now dedicates himself to photography, while Leyton turned to the business side of music as well, founding Fading Ways Music Publishing and then Fading Ways Records in Canada, UK, and Finland.


Money & Alcohol:



Neil Leyton

Lisbon-born, Toronto-raised singer-songwriter, rock n roll multi-instrumentalist and indie producer Neil Leyton has released four solo albums as well as several EPs and compilations of his work. He has also played guitar and bass in several bands during the 90’s and 00’s and his now more focused on writing and co-writing for other artists.

Leyton co-wrote the lyrics for the track “Deja Vu” on Nicke Andersson’s Imperial State Electric debut album, and has also produced sessions for other independent artists.

Leyton’s track “My New Soul” was recently featured in an Oysho company promo.


Fires of the Heart:

My New Soul:



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