The Shanks

Founded on a farm in Mono, Ontario, Canada, the SHANKS are the rock’n’roll brainchild of songwriter/vocalist/bassist Ian Donald Starkey (Pistolwhip von Shankenstein). A blistering rock duo comprised (only?) of bass and drums. A combination of 1970s album-oriented rock and proto-punk, The Shanks belt-out melodic chordal arrangements amidst a sea of low end and pounding rhythms. It’s haunting, tribal arena-rock played on a basement floor.

The Shanks’ catalogue includes 6 CD titles and assorted singles, EP’s, and other releases.

The Shanks’ music has recently been licensed to a Sony Pictures film as well as RBC TV commercials in Canada and the States. Their extensive catalogue is as peculiar as Pistolwhip’s very own personal zeitgeist.


Feel the Holes:

Get Cut Tonight:

When we Come



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