Red Shield

Red Shield

One of Guillermo de Llera’s brainchilds and pseudonyms,’Red Shield’ utilizes a modern approach to reinterpret vintage Dub-Reggae remixing techniques, while staying true to the old school spirit of Dub; with a modern tongue speaking an old language of music.

“Axes to the Wall” is Red Shield’s debut album. In it Guillermo tackled a serious challenge by undertaking the painstaking task of sifting through every individual track from Primitive Reason’s “Pictures in the Wall” album, and re-organizing them from the ground up; using the same building blocks to make the 7 songs found in Axes to the Wall.

In this way ‘Weakness’ became ‘Enter the Dragon’, ‘El Caballero’ became ‘The Hanging Horsemen’, ‘Journey to the West’ became ‘Big Death at the Western Front’, ‘Caminos’ became ‘Them Ol Rascals’, ‘Eat My Bush’ became ‘The Burning Bush’, ‘Weakness’ redressed once again as ‘No Weak Beginning’, and ‘In Between’ became ‘Between Two Swords’.

It is interesting to note that Guillermo only recorded and added one track that is not found in the original “Pictures in the Wall” recordings. For it to be a Red Shield album, true to its essence, Guillermo’s bass lines are a mandatory presence.

As is routine with Guillermo’s work, “Axes to the Wall” can be found in instrumental form and with added vocals, as separate releases.

As founding member and principal composer of Primitive Reason’s music, all rights berserked but also fully respected as they are still within the Lusitanian family. Primitive Reason fully endorse Red Shield and are in full agreement with all commercial decisions and rights registrations made by Red Shield with the project’s music.

Custom lyrics and vocals can also be added on-demand!

Enter the Dragon:

Them Ol’ Rascals: