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Guillermo de Llera

Guillermo de Llera is a multi-disciplinary artist and producer, musician, painter, writer, and founder of Primitive Reason:

As DJ Raijin, Guillermo is also responsible for the “Drop the Bass” Sessions on Antena 3 Dance online radio station in Portugal – webcast around the world.

Among his diverse musical output ranging from alternative rock to world and experimental music, we find two cinematic projects that go by the names of Head of the Elephant and One of the Asthmatics:


“Up in Smoke” is One of the Asthmatic’s debut album. Originally released in 1998, “Up in Smoke” is a cross-genre recording that still breaks compositional borders today. An abstract voyage through an asthma attack-induced vision; a sonic journey through inner depths. Check out “How we came to save the day” and “Shaanoa Dreams”:



Head of the Elephant’s debut album, “for higher purpose” set the template for Head of the Elephant’s unique style of electronic world-music, and defined the direction for all subsequent releases: Nihon 313082000, O Retornado (one single track, an hour long), and Wu Wei Wu Ming. Check out “Coming To” from the debut album:

and “Yugawara” from Nihon:


Head of the elephant’s third album “Wu Wei Wu Ming” was composed and recorded ‘on the road’ by Guillermo de Llera while travelling across China in 2002. Using live recordings from the surroundings and environments of the places he visited during the trip, “Wu Wei Wu Min” is a sonic diary; a weaving of audio memories from that journey – check out “Old Men on the Old Path”: