ZIMUN em residência artística em Portugal

Após o lançamento do single Paraísos Artificias, seguido do seu disco debut Pra Frente, editado em Portugal e na Europa pela Lusitanian, ZIMUN anunciam nova visita a Portugal:
Os Zimun definem-se pela sua criatividade, capacidade de improviso e pelas construções sonoras arquitetadas no som que vem das ruas.
Jazz, rap, um pouco de rock, afrobeat e MPB
juntam-se para criar um novo estilo que se funde no próprio grupo: o Street Jazz.

De 4 a 11 de Novembro vão estar em residência no Espaço Espelho d’Agua em Belém, para travar conhecimento com outros artistas Lusófonos e preparar um concerto especial.


Os Zimun são um quinteto oriundo de Belo Horizonte, Brasil, formado em 2009 e constituído por Fernando Castilho, Matéria Prima, Ravel Veiga, Gabriel Bruce e Edgar Dedig.

Visitaram Portugal em 2014 para uma primeira apresentação do seu trabalho e, desde então, a vontade de desenvolver uma relação mais longa e profunda com o berço da lusofonia é enorme.

Os Zimun estarão em Portugal em novembro de 2015 para uma residência artística de uma semana na qual pretendem desenvolver ligações com artistas portugueses e apresentar este novo trabalho ao vivo, pela primeira vez. Intitulam-se de instrumentalistas e experimentalistas. À tríade guitarra, baixo e bateria soma-se um didgeridoo, congas, trompete e sintetizadores. Melodia, harmonia, ritmo, dinâmica e timbres. Nessa fusão sonora, os Zimun despertam várias sensações.

A missão de Zimun é propor Evolução e Transformação por meio da Música.
A banda avança numa nova direção, a do jazz, na qual se nota a influência nos arranjos e improvisos. No rap e na melodia, através dos MC’s, nota-se a busca pela sinceridade da poesia quotidiana das cidades.

Lusitanian signs Brasil’s ZIMUN for Europe-wide deal

Lusitanian has signed Belo Horizonte’s Street Jazz combo ZIMUN for an European label and publishing deal that sees them join the Lusitanian Record Label catalogue with their single “Paraísos Artificiais”, released July 17th, followed by the ZIMUN debut album “Pra Frente”, coming to Europe in the Fall.

Foto  por Luiza Anannias

ZIMUN will be touring Europe via Ragency, a new Cadaval-based agency in Portugal. You can check out the video for the single “Paraísos Artificiais” below:


Guillermo de Llera announces three new music projects!

Proving once again that he is Lusitanian’s most prolific writer / composer, Primitive Reason founder Guillermo de Llera Blanes introduces us to three brand new world music / experimental projects:


“We Cut Hand” is a World Music Fusion project based mainly on the interaction of the Australian Aboriginal Didjeridu and the Middle-Eastern Saz. These two instruments drive the bulk of the compositions forwards, usually accompanied by Indian, African and Middle-Eastern Percussion. Check out “Mosquito Biting Me”:


“The Rahyda Project” begins with tweaking sounds recorded on smartphones and other portable gadgets. Firstly by working on the initial sounds and beats using apps alone, and then importing them into his digital audio workstation for some final processing, mixing and add-ons. Curious? Hear “Gobiregufu – Mean Streak”:


Last but definitely not least, with “Moksha” Guillermo de Llera intends to create a meditative, Indian influenced collection of songs for an album to be entitled ‘Khor Ba’. In Indian religions and Indian philosophy, moksha (Sanskrit: moksha), means emancipation, liberation or release. In soteriological and eschatological sense, it connotes freedom from samsara, the cycle of death and rebirth.

“In this sense the music must reflect the concept in that it is a channel for those exact moments of emancipation, liberation or release” (Guillermo de Llera 2014)

Hear “Harvesters of Sorrow”:

Please get in touch if you want download links, or if you would like to stream additional tracks, check out Guillermo’s website and get in touch for the Lusitanian audio page password:



We look forward to hearing from you!

Red Shield

One of Guillermo de Llera’s brainchilds and pseudonyms,’Red Shield’ utilizes a modern approach to reinterpret vintage Dub-Reggae remixing techniques, while staying true to the old school spirit of Dub; with a modern tongue speaking an old language of music.

“Axes to the Wall” is Red Shield’s debut album. In it Guillermo tackled a serious challenge by undertaking the painstaking task of sifting through every individual track from Primitive Reason’s “Pictures in the Wall” album, and re-organizing them from the ground up; using the same building blocks to make the 7 songs found in Axes to the Wall.

In this way ‘Weakness’ became ‘Enter the Dragon’, ‘El Caballero’ became ‘The Hanging Horsemen’, ‘Journey to the West’ became ‘Big Death at the Western Front’, ‘Caminos’ became ‘Them Ol Rascals’, ‘Eat My Bush’ became ‘The Burning Bush’, ‘Weakness’ redressed once again as ‘No Weak Beginning’, and ‘In Between’ became ‘Between Two Swords’.

It is interesting to note that Guillermo only recorded and added one track that is not found in the original “Pictures in the Wall” recordings. For it to be a Red Shield album, true to its essence, Guillermo’s bass lines are a mandatory presence.

As is routine with Guillermo’s work, “Axes to the Wall” can be found in instrumental form and with added vocals, as separate releases.

As founding member and principal composer of Primitive Reason’s music, all rights berserked but also fully respected as they are still within the Lusitanian family. Primitive Reason fully endorse Red Shield and are in full agreement with all commercial decisions and rights registrations made by Red Shield with the project’s music.

Custom lyrics and vocals can also be added on-demand!

Enter the Dragon:

Them Ol’ Rascals:


Guillermo de Llera

Guillermo de Llera is a multi-disciplinary artist and producer, musician, painter, writer, and founder of Primitive Reason: www.guillermodellera.com.

As DJ Raijin, Guillermo is also responsible for the “Drop the Bass” Sessions on Antena 3 Dance online radio station in Portugal – webcast around the world.

Among his diverse musical output ranging from alternative rock to world and experimental music, we find two cinematic projects that go by the names of Head of the Elephant and One of the Asthmatics:


“Up in Smoke” is One of the Asthmatic’s debut album. Originally released in 1998, “Up in Smoke” is a cross-genre recording that still breaks compositional borders today. An abstract voyage through an asthma attack-induced vision; a sonic journey through inner depths. Check out “How we came to save the day” and “Shaanoa Dreams”:



Head of the Elephant’s debut album, “for higher purpose” set the template for Head of the Elephant’s unique style of electronic world-music, and defined the direction for all subsequent releases: Nihon 313082000, O Retornado (one single track, an hour long), and Wu Wei Wu Ming. Check out “Coming To” from the debut album:

and “Yugawara” from Nihon:


Head of the elephant’s third album “Wu Wei Wu Ming” was composed and recorded ‘on the road’ by Guillermo de Llera while travelling across China in 2002. Using live recordings from the surroundings and environments of the places he visited during the trip, “Wu Wei Wu Min” is a sonic diary; a weaving of audio memories from that journey – check out “Old Men on the Old Path”:

Primitive Reason

Alt-rock / world trail-blazers Primitive Reason releasing their sixth album, “Power to the People”, in 2013. Founder Guillermo de Llera, along with longtime guitarist Abel Beja present us with a tour-de-force in the cross-over genre, tying some great songwriting and Guillermo’s always personal / political lyrics.

“Power to the People” was recorded at drummer Tino Dias’ studio in Ericeira, Portugal and then mixed in NYC by Bob Brockmann (The Fugees, Notorious B.I.G., Brooklyn Funk Essentials, Bob Dylan, etc.) where Primitive Reason lived and played music at the turn of the century.


Seeds Among the Rain:

Set Your Ash Down:

Know No Regret:

Door Number 5:

Gripped by the Mind:

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